Product Review: American Innovative Chef’s Quad Timer Pro

I love coming home and finding packages.


Opening it up, I found that American Innovative sent me one of their new products.

The Chef’s Quad Timer Pro.

At first glance, it does not appear to be your ordinary kitchen timer. First, the stainless and black matches my kitchen perfectly. Finally a timer that is not cheap, shiny white plastic. This is actually a timer that I will keep on my countertop when not in use. In fact it has a clock function, so it adds additional value sitting there.

The next thing you notice is that it is four timers in one. I have seen a few dual timers, but this is the first quad timer that I have seen.

The timer is really designed for the home chef. Each of the four timers has an indicator light that potentially corresponds to a burner on your cooktop.

So in the picture above I have three of the timers actively running. The top time is associated with the selection of the dial (time 2 – upper right). I can change it by turning the dial. The lower time can be selected by touching the Toggle button on the top of the unit. The dot on the right side of the time corresponds to the green light.

When the alarm goes off, the prerequisite beeping happens, and the green light turns to red. This makes it easy to see which item needs attention. You can turn off the alarm by pushing the Mute button at the top of the unit. The other timers continue to run.

I recently made a full Thanksgiving style dinner and with many dishes having to come together at the same time, I had put this grid together. While effective, you don’t want to have to do this. If I had the quad timer, I likely would not have put this together.

MY TAKE: The Chef’s Quad Timer Pro is a sleek, useful device. It really shines when you have multiple dishes (entrée, vegetable, starch) that all need to come together at the same time. The easy to identify burner location is great (I rarely use one of my burners, so that location now represents my oven) and it is easy to set and turn off. It is portable, so I can bring it over to the computer and write a blog post while the four timers count down. I heartily recommend it for those amateur chefs that have moved past only having one pot going at a time. You can buy the timer online here.


16 thoughts on “Product Review: American Innovative Chef’s Quad Timer Pro

  1. Whenever I need everything to come out I simply choose the dish with the longest cooking time and use that as my base. Lets say something is roasting for an hour. Within that hour I can start other items and have everything ready at the same time.


    1. I do that too, but for those recipes that have a do x for 5 minutes, then Y minutes later….and then do… it makes it easier to set a timer so you don’t look up and too many minutes have flown by.


  2. I’d design one with an extra “oven” timer. Setting timers for Thanksgiving turkey basting times drives me batty! I want overall hours and then split times for basting. (I mean Thanksgiving is like the marathon of cooking, right? haha). I would buy JUST that for Thanksgiving and use it once a year without hesitation.

    thank you for sharing! ~B


  3. I am enjoying your blog immensely and even though I am a vegetarian I love your passion for food! I love the idea of the timer it would help keep you on track! I love your photos as they make me feel as if I am in your kitchen!
    Thanks for sharing!


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