Product Review: No Mess from Trudeau

The Ranting Reviewer does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

The other day I received this in the mail. I’m hoping they rushed it out to me so fast, Reviewer never made it to the envelope!

What I found inside…

were two No Mess Pot Clips from Trudeau Corp.  What are they?

Well they clip on to your pots and pans to hold your utensils.

The clip is a butterfly clip that easily fits on any pot or pan that I tried. The part that touches your pot or pan is silicone, so you don’t have to worry about scratching.This is the typical resting place for my utensils while I cook. It sits on my counter and is probably the most washed item in the house.

It is a rare day that it is not used.

I will often have several things going at once and as my wife doesn’t want to litter the counter with multiple spoon rests, this is what typically happens. The counter is my utensil rest for all additional utensils.

And it takes a beating.

The option of leaving the utensil in the pan is not a good one. I found this out the hard way.

So I was very happy to try out the clip. The spoon balanced easily in the clip.

As did the spatula,

the ladle,


and even tongs.

The spoon remains elevated over the pan’s surface allowing it to drip down into the pan.

MY TAKE: I like it. It is very easy to use and putting in and taking out the utensil is a breeze. It also keeps the utensil with the pot or pan when you have a lot going on, so you can easily grab it. If you are using a lid with your dish, this is not the best choice (even if you clip it to a handle), but for those pots or pans that don’t need to be covered, it is a good option. I will use it regularly from now on.

You can find the clip at Take a look at this and their other products.


53 thoughts on “Product Review: No Mess from Trudeau

  1. Those look excellent! One of those things it’s hard to believe wasn’t invented sooner, and I’m disappointed I didn’t think of. Thanks!


  2. I think it is great. When my husband and daughter help me cook, they are always mixing up the spoons for the pots I’m using. This would let them know which spoon to use in which pot, and it would keep my counters cleaner. I have a 3-slot spoon rest, and they still lay the utensils on the counter…lol. Great review, great product!


  3. Just what the doctor ordered! At least what the husband ordered due to the need for new spoons and wear and tear of cookware. I have a cute spoon rest that sits sadly neglected on the stove top. The countertop gets the brunt of the stirring debris. Live this idea!
    Peach State


  4. I love this for multiple pots on the stove…The messiest spoon usually gets the elite spot on the spoon rest while the others might get to sit on an empty pasta box or something!


  5. I see one small problem with them. They won’t work if you need to use a lid for anything. I cook a lot of things that need simmer time. Those won’t work as well for me.


  6. I have one and never use it. It goes into the donation box when I come across it in the gadget drawer next. You can’t use a lid with it. It takes up more space than it is useful, in my opinion.


  7. I should get these. In my tiny little kitchen (please picture what the kitchen of a 250 square foot Manhattan studio looks like), I have so little counter space that I literally can barely fit a spoon rest.


  8. Hey, I recognize those tongs, have a pair just like them here. That said, kudos on your all plastic tools around non-stick. I’ve given up on most non-stick as someone in this house loves to use metal utensils on non-stick. So go with standard pans, and get them hot enough and you don’t worry about sticking.


      1. Understood. What I do is there is one hard, fast rule without non-stick. Once a pan is emptied it gets filled with hot water. That way the stickums come up.


  9. Nice product review, looks like it would work…although my OCD prevents me from putting a dirty spoon on a rest or the counter, I usually have a cup of water or rinse off my utensil between stirring. I’m one of those clean as you go kinda cooks.


  10. What a handy gadget! Wouldn’t it be great at serve yourself buffet lunches and dinners too? No mixing up the serving spoons. Love it! Thanks for sharing.


  11. I like Trudeau products – have a few kicking around the kitchen. Love that it holds tongs – they have become my go-to utensil of late! Will save the stains on my counter – have a couple that may never come out!


  12. … How have I not heard of this? My poor counters actually get a lot of spoons because I seem to not be able to just do one thing at a time, and I am weird about using one spoon in one dish, than not another.

    I think I shall look into this. Let’s see if I can convince the husband. *wink* Thanks for the heads up!


  13. This looks super helpful… but it looks like you have electric burners? I worry that with my gas (and I refuse to live anywhere without a gas stove top)… the excess heat that crawls up the side of the pot makes these a burn waiting to happen! I wonder if the manufacturers have had any issues/complaints with that? Have you tried them on a gas stove top?


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