Product Review: Fire Wire

The Ranting Reviewer does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

The other afternoon I came home from work and found this box on my doorstep.

Anything related to cooking and has the word FIRE in it must be good!

Inside there were interesting items from Fire Wire Grilling.

The most interesting items were three sets of the Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers (2 per pack). I’ve tried a number of different skewers in my grilling career. Wooden ones? They burn unless you soak them. Straight metal ones? Just don’t tip them or the items slide right off. Skewers that have a bit of a spiral? These work better, but my contents still tend to slide. The Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers are truly unique. As the name implies they are made of a heavy duty wire that flexes and bends.

Also included were two marinating kits. One was a Everything Everyday Marinade (I used it for chicken and vegetables).

The other was specific for beef and vegetables.

Notice two things about the Fire Wire. The top is a loop. This makes it easy to grab on. The bottom is a solid piece of metal that is slightly thicker than the wire. This makes it much less likely for the contents of the skewer to slide off.

The marinades come with heavy duty bags.

I decided to make both beef and chicken.

Grab the end and skewer the vegetables and meat. The tip is not sharp but it easily pushed through soft mushrooms, crisp peppers and cuts of meat. I tend to cut chicken and beef thin for kabobs to ensure proper cooking without over-cooking the vegetables.

It is a little difficult to see in the picture but this shows how long these skewers are. Each one fits the same amount as two normal skewers.

Look at these glorious kabobs.

This is one of the great things about the Fire Wire. The skewers bend. Why is this important?

Because you can fit a large skewer in a bag to marinade. In fact, I fit two skewers in each heavy duty marinating bag. The instructions say you can fit up to four, but if they were as packed as mine, it will be tight. With two, there was plenty of room.

After several hours (the instructions called for much less, but I had the time and for marinade, more is more), it was grilling time!

Notice the top loop of each Fire Wire is hanging off the edge. This was purposeful.

The company claims that if you keep the end off the edge of the grill you can pick it up with your bare hand to rotate the skewers. I was skeptical. Metal conducts heat. Hot skewers burn. My wife can attest that I don’t admit this much, but I was wrong. I picked up the wire and there was no sense of heat. It made it easy to lift and turn. I did use a glove for my other hand to ensure it laid correctly when I put it back down, but if you had a kettle grill, you wouldn’t need it. If I would have thought to loop the wire so both ends were off, I also wouldn’t have needed it.

Very few items on the grill are so colorful as kabobs.

Another great part of the flexibility of the Fire Wire. The dish I carry food from the grill to the table  is a little short for the typical skewer. With the Fire Wire, I just formed a loop and all four fit.

MY TAKE: I’ll never use a regular skewer again. I saw no downside at all. Easy to use, great benefits and they drop into the dishwasher to clean. If you use skewers, I’d highly recommend these. The Everything Everyday marinade was fine, but nothing special. The Beef and Vegetable marinade was awesome. I had mangled a mushroom and threw it into the marinade bag and later on the grill. It was the first item I ate (right off the grill) and actually said “Wow” out loud because it was so good.

You can find the skewers and marinades at Fire Wire Grilling.


44 thoughts on “Product Review: Fire Wire

  1. I’ve seen those in the stores and have often debated about how good they could possibly be. Thanks for postiing a review! Your kabbobs look great!


  2. Ooh, that looks incredible! Here’s to hoping we convince my folks to hand down their BBQ this summer. What better hand-me-down for the somewhat-newly-cooking family? 🙂


  3. We’ve used these and liked them. I have to admit that sometimes, I still use the wooden skewers. I don’t know why. But it makes me want to skewer something. We haven’t done that since last summer!


  4. There were no problems turning them. I don’t know why, it just looks like they wouldn’t flip over like solid ones would. I’ll take your word on it though.
    I like the idea of it!


  5. Hi Pat,

    I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and liking my Irish Beef stew recipe. I’ve had a good browse around your blog today, and am loving some of your recipes. I’ll definitely have to have a go at making your Bourbon chicken, as well as the chicken Makhani recipe.

    This is a fantastic review by the way, but unfortunately as a UK student without a grill, kabobs don’t seem hugely likely in the near future.

    Thanks again


  6. What a great idea. We usually use our pampered chef skewers, but we rarely kabob that I just grit it out and deal the times that we do. I like how you reviewed these however… there seems to be no downside. 🙂 How did washing go? Dishwasher safe??


  7. I tried those last summer, and there was something I didn’t like about them…but I can’t remember what! They seem perfect. I love how colorful kabobs are–such a well rounded and beautiful meal.


  8. I’m so excited that we finally got a barbecue this weekend! Near as I can tell, it’s my partner’s version of nesting before the baby comes. Either way, I’ve been intrigued with these skewers since you wrote this post and it turns out we have a local store that carries them. Can’t wait to give ’em a try.


  9. Those sound AWESOME! I love to grill shrimp but it’s very tedious considering the wooden skewers are to hot to handle without a glove, but with a glove you can’t get a good hold. It’s hard to keep the shrimp on the metal skewers. It’s also hard to turn them over without the shrimp turning around on the skewer. I started using one of the grilling baskets you have to have just the right amount to pack it tight, but not too tight, and then hope they don’t fall through the cracks. These skewers sound awesome. I will have to find them and give them a try. Great post!


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