Product Review: Look Oven Bags

I always love to get home and find a package addressed to The Ranting Reviewer or The Ranting Chef (my alter-ego). There are always goodies inside.

This envelope came from Inno-Labs, LP . These are the same folks who sent me the FireWire Grilling Skewers (which I LOVE and can’t imagine using a standard skewer again).

Inside were two packs of Look Oven Bags. I received a packet of 2 giant ones and another of 5 large bags. The giant ones are big enough for a whole ham or turkey, while the large ones fit your standard chicken or roast. To date I had only used oven bags that came with seasonings (pot roast).

Photo Nov 25, 12 59 33 PM

So far, I have used two of the large sized bags. The first was a pork roast (look for the Tuscan Pork Roast recipe to come in the next few months).

Photo Nov 26, 5 09 59 PM

The second use was also pork, but this time was Hungarian Goulash (also to post in the future). This one tested the ability to retain liquids through the cooking process as the bag had cups of liquid it needed to hold.

Photo Nov 25, 5 36 03 PM

One of the biggest differences between these bags and the others I have used, is that these stay clear throughout the cooking process. The previous ones I’ve used turned brown, but it was easy to see how the insides were cooking. I could see how pink or brown the pork was without compromising the integrity of the bag.

Photo Nov 26, 5 58 28 PM

They also retained the liquids very well. Even though they were boiling inside the bag, none escaped until I opened it or tilted it past the steam vents I had cut.

My Take: I thought they worked really well. The bags helped the meat to remain moist and juicy and the dishes I baked them in had no baked-on residue that I had to spend a lot of time scrubbing off. Clean up was a breeze. For longer baked meats, the bags are a good idea and these Look bags are both sturdy and great to use. Inno-Labs is the US distributor for the Look bags and you can contact them if you are a wholesaler, or if like me, a consumer, look for them to come to a WalMart or Kroger near you.

11 thoughts on “Product Review: Look Oven Bags

  1. I never understood the need for these things. If you want to braise something, just cover the pan with plastic wrap and foil. The reduction of the liquid is key to making a great sauce for your meats, using this, you would have to do that in a seperate pan on the stove top. I suppose it might be easier to clean, but I always put the pan on the stove with burners going under it and deglaze it with wine or stock. The cooked on bits come right off and add great flavor to the sauce.


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