Product Review: Meat Claws

The Ranting Reviewer does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

Photo Jun 21, 4 36 22 PM

Once again my day has been made with a package sent to me.

Photo Jun 21, 4 40 46 PM

Meat Claws. Meat….Claws. This carnivore was smiling ear to ear when I saw Meat Claws inside the box. This product from Charcoal Companion, works for me on so many different levels.

Photo Jul 01, 4 59 17 PM

The first major use for the claws is to pick up a piece of grilled or roasted meat. Sometimes a spatula or spoon is just too small and you wish you could reach out pick it up with your hands. Now with the Meat Claws you can do just that. The large tines hold meat that is even on the verge of falling apart, just like the beef from the slow cooker above.

Photo Jul 01, 4 59 24 PM

The second and more important use of the Meat Claws is to help you shred cooked meat. I love pulled pork, chicken or beef but hate the tedious process to do it. (grab two normal-sized forks, hold the meat with one and pull with the other). Normal forks are so narrow that in order to pull any quantity of meat, it takes forever.

Photo Jul 01, 4 59 32 PM

The wider tines on the Meat Claws pull apart much more meat, and also allow you to interweave the tines from each claw so they work even better.

Photo Jul 01, 5 01 05 PM

These Meat Claws made short work of the beef.

The last purpose? You can pretend you are the Marvel comic book character Wolverine and chase your teenager around the house!

My Take: I am so glad for these Meat Claws. I had a party weeks ago and decided to take a shortcut by purchasing pulled pork. When I opened the package and found chunks of cooked pork that I needed to pull myself I actually yelled out loud. If I had these claws, it would have been quick to turn the meat into pulled pork. Their triple purpose (ok, double) allows these tools to be used in a variety of scenarios. You can purchase them at many online stores and I have found them in several cooking stores I frequent.

7 thoughts on “Product Review: Meat Claws

  1. I think those would be perfect to pick a roast of whatever animal protein out of the pan or off the bbq! And it looks like it would make perfect shreds for pulled pork! What a great idea!


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