Product Review: Mr. BAR-B-Q 20 Piece Gourmet Tool Set

The Ranting Reviewer does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

Photo Oct 07, 2 58 53 PM

Ooooh! A box from Mr. Bar-B-Q!

Photo Oct 07, 3 00 13 PM

What I found inside was a 20 piece gourmet tool set.

Photo Oct 09, 5 27 18 PM

This set contains a complete set of tools for your grill.

Photo Oct 09, 5 29 31 PM copy - Featured Size

This is not only a good set for home use, but is ideal for tailgating. Contained in a light and sturdy carrying case is a 4-in-1 spatula, a pair of tongs, four steak knives, four pairs of corn holders, a grill brush and four skewers.

Photo Oct 12, 5 27 36 PM

In addition, this set contains a magnetic LED grill light. With it getting dark earlier and earlier these days, I know this light will get plenty of use.

Photo Oct 12, 5 28 15 PM

The grill brush was put to use first making sure we started with a clean grill. It has the typical wire brush bottom and a metal scraper at the end.

Photo Oct 12, 5 38 03 PM

The long wooden handled tongs allowed me to turn the ears of corn without getting my hand over the hot grill.

Photo Oct 12, 5 38 54 PM

Likewise for the long-handled spatula. These large steaks fit easily on the spatula.

Photo Oct 12, 6 00 43 PM

The stylish corn holders worked great.

Photo Oct 12, 6 05 26 PM

The steak knife cut right through this hunk of beef.

Photo Oct 12, 6 00 55 PM

One more use for the spatula was taking the cap off my beer. Gotta love it.

My Take: This is a great set that would work great for both home or tailgating use. The easy to carry case keeps all the tools together and the wood handle on the tools fits well into the hand. The long handle tongs and spatula keeps your hands safe from the heat and including the corn holders and steak knives in the set allows you to quickly grab the set to fill your needs for both cooking and eating. Take a look at this and the many other products that Mr. Bar-B-Q offers here.

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