Product Review: Poachie and Roundy

The Ranting Reviewer does not get paid or receive any revenue from manufacturers or retailers of products reviewed. I occasionally receive products that I am asked to use and see what I think. I take a look, try them out and tell you all about them.

Photo Jun 20, 6 00 51 PM

A package for The Ranting Chef (my alter-ego)? [insert happy dance here]

Photo Jun 23, 7 21 16 AM

I found two products from Joieshop staring back at me. The first was Poachie, a silicone egg poacher. I was excited to find this because while I know how to poach an egg (swirl the water) it is always nerve-racking and too often I end up with quite a bit of egg white swirls and too little poached egg.

Photo Jun 23, 7 25 20 AM

Crack your egg into Poachie. I’m not sure he’s too happy based on his eggspression.

Photo Jun 23, 7 38 43 AM

Gently place Poachie into boiling water by using a spatula.

Photo Jun 23, 7 39 02 AM

Cover and let the egg poach.

Photo Jun 23, 7 44 54 AM

Remove from the water. I had to tip and drain out a little accumulated water as the condensation from the lid caused a little water to drip on top.

Photo Jun 23, 7 54 33 AM

It comes out in one piece…if you take heed and oil/grease the inside of Poachie before putting the egg in. My first attempt I didn’t heed the suggestion and it did not come out as clean.

Photo Jun 23, 7 54 44 AM

A perfect yolk for a poached egg.

Photo Jun 23, 7 56 00 AM

Poachie, you survived! Now stop staring at me.

Photo Jun 23, 7 21 34 AM

His counterpart, Roundy, a silicone egg ring, was also in the package.

Photo Jun 23, 7 28 43 AM

Knowing I would want to make a breakfast sandwich, I started with a little sausage.

Photo Jun 23, 7 30 17 AM

In went Roundy and I cracked the egg inside. I popped the yolk as I prefer the yolk a little more dispersed. Leave Roundy on for a couple of minutes.

Photo Jun 23, 7 31 58 AM

Grab Roundy by the head and he pulls right out, leaving the egg. This allows you to flip as you desire.

Photo Jun 23, 7 34 54 AM

A perfect round egg for my breakfast sandwich.

Photo Jun 23, 7 33 37 AM

Again, he’s staring at me!

My Take: Poachie and Roundy are great little tools to help you solve two very common egg cooking issues. Poachie helps make an easy poached egg without the stress and Roundy keeps my egg in the shape I need for my breakfast sandwich. Check out these and other fanciful but useful products at Joieshop. They have some really fun and funny items. Take a look and pick up some of their great products.

7 thoughts on “Product Review: Poachie and Roundy

  1. I had an egg poacher in my early 20s and loved it! Since then I’ve perfected poached eggs (I poached and posted Saturday!). Swirling water yes, it kinda works. Vinegar works perfectly. Lemon vinegar is my favorite because it leaves a slight lemon flavor, perfect for eggs benedict. Great products for people who are still on their egg journey!


  2. Thanks for the review…I’ve always wondered about how well these items work. Though I’m sure about having that little chicken stare at me while I’m cooking.


  3. “Roundie” is good, but what’s better for making eggs like that? About a 1/4″ slice of a red pepper. Cook your egg in that and put them both on your sandwich 🙂

    Great reviews 🙂


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